The vineyards were planted between 250 and 600 meters above sea level by carefully assessing the exposure and composition of the land. The cool and windy climate, the presence of hilly reliefs and the relative proximity of the sea give the territory of Erice Doc unique and exclusive characteristics. The particular geological conformation of the soils gives the grapes aromas, freshness and flavor supported by a good acidity.


Fazio Selection means that the producer certify the quality of his wines, select the best production adopting advanced vinification techniques. The target of the project it to exalt the quality of the local native wines, and give them a leading role in the national and international scene.

The reds wines
In the northwest part of the province of Trapani there is a production of rich and concentrate red grapes with high quality standard, due to the long sunny area, with a fresh and windy clime. The result are smooth, elegant and fruity wines.

The White wines
the particular conformation of the the north area of Trapani, the geological nature of the soil, the high temperature range, gives white grapes with a good acidity characterized by aromas of white flowers and pleasant citrus notes that give the wines elegance and finesse.