3 July 2016

Integrated Viticulture

Produce highest quality grapes. Means to be in perfect balance with the ecosystem to which one belongs. For this reason the Fazio Wines winery is committed to respect the nature rhythms, using natural system that limit the environmental impact. The integrated viticulture in the Fazio Wines company contemplate:
• rootstock with high resistance to water stress, to reduce the water consumption;
• short pruning of the branches reducing the yield of the plant;
• preserve and improve the fertility of the soil using (organic fertility) resulting from pursing and natural revegetation;
• esclusive use of environmentally friendly substances (sulfur) for plant protection treatment;
• reduce the use of diesel machines in favour of bio diesel machine.

Our values in the cellar

The main target, is to obtain modern wines, fine and elegant, supported by acidity and freshness expression of their homeland. Types of soil, weather condition, geological conformation of the soil, vineyard and winemaking stile, are all decisive factor that give each wine a unique character. We value types of grapes native like grillo, insolia, catarratto and nero d'avola in the area of Erice since ages. Vinifyng them in purity, with modern winemaking technologies, we give enphasis to the potential phenolic and flavor. We have selected prestigeous grapes varieties adapting them the mediterranean clime of our area, achieving unique wines destinated to an international odience. The farming in the vineyard, and the whole production cycle takes place according to the strict standards of environmental sustainability, and energy production from renewable resources.

Renewable energy

The Fazio Wines winary as well as the project for environmental substainability, in country side,has developed, in the cellar, a restructuration based on environmental compatibility. Installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the warehouses. The photovoltaic plant, with the power of 190 kw, is able to meet 100% the total needs of the company.