Trenta-Salmi | Catarratto

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Producer: Fazio Casa Vinicola in Erice winery estate

Grape variety: 100% Catarratto

Classification: I.G.T. Terre Siciliane
Year of produdion: 2016 harvest
Area of produdion: Western Sicily, Buseto Palizzolo (Trapani)
Soil: calcareous clay
Altitude: 350 meters above sea level

Vines: bush training with high density of vines (5000 plants) per hectare; over 60-year-old vineyard; low yield of 1.5 kilograms per plant.
Climate: temperate winters and cool and dry springs and summers, optimum temperature ranges between day and night.
Harvest: hand-harvest in small 14 kilogram cases, optimum maturationthat coincides with the second decade of September.
Vinification: soft pressure with a membrane press, static decanting of must and slow fermentation in medium toasted oak barriques.

Maturation: eight months on the lees in stainless steeland concrete vats.
Ageing: after bottling, six months on its side in a temperature controlled cellar.

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: brilliant, intense straw yellow with lime green reflections.

Perfume: inebriating, richcitrus sensations, white peach and tropical fruit, hints of vanilla anddry fruit from fermentation in wooden casks.

Taste: decisive, with a marked personality, good structure, harmo­ nious and elegant, particularly flavoured and persistent.
Alcohol: 13% volume
Average annual produdion: 10,000 bottles 750 ml
Serving temperature: 13-14° C/55-57°F
Suggested glass type: large bowl with a long stem

Excels with smoked tuna and swordfish, fish and shellfish, white meats and slightly aged cheeses.
Storage: on its side in a cool (13-15°C/55-59°F) place away from light
Shelf life: six years or more in suitable cellars