the cellar

If the vineyards are the heart of the company, the cellar is its control center. The grapes, harvested manually in crates in the coolest hours of the day, arrive here from our workers’ hands to be entrusted to the experience of our winemaker who takes care of all the subsequent phases: from the unloading of the grapes to the processes of vinification and aging. Each bunch has its history and its destination; this is how, depending on the vintage, the vinification techniques, the duration of the fermentation (from 15 to 20 days for white grapes and from 18 to 25 days for black grapes) and, of course, the production techniques vary, to give different personalities to the wines of Casa Vinicola Fazio.

An avant-garde winery which, thanks to recent investments, uses state-of-the-art machinery, technologies and production processes. An example of these are: vibrating conveyors, the cold chain (which is now necessary to produce quality wines), and completely closed pneumatic presses that allow wine making in the absence of oxygen thanks to the use of inert gases such as nitrogen. In the cellar the word sustainability translates into technology that avoids waste, reduces consumption, and allows workers to operate in complete safety. The vinification process of wines that have to age in oak barrels ends in the underground and temperature-controlled barrel room, where we keep 225-liter barriques and 30-hectoliter large barrels, made up of 90% French oak and 10% American Oak.