Captivating and well-balanced. This pure Catarratto from Sicily conquers the palate for its variety of aromas and for the refined elegance it is endowed with. The grapes are harvested by hand in 14 kilos boxes to preserve the integrity of the berries thus guaranteeing the final quality of the product. These are then softly pressed to extract only the very aromatic free-run juice. The subsequent static decantation and slow fermentation in medium toasted oak barrels bring great structure and a noble aromatic legacy. Trenta Salmi, an iconic wine of Casa Vinicola Fazio, is characterized by sweet fruity notes of vanilla and cream that make it a real enological jewel.

Denomination: IGT Terre Siciliane


COLOR: Intense golden yellow

BOUQUET: Notes of white-fleshed fruit and exotic fruit blend with the graceful sweetness of vanilla and dried fruit; everything is embellished with a charming scent of lemon peel.

TASTE: Elegant, sophisticated on the palate. The aromatic notes follow one another thanks to its majestic flavor. The finish is enveloping, persistent and harmonious.